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GigWing - Mission and Core Values

Our Mission and Core Values

The GigWing Movement

We are a web platform dedicated to reaching and empowering the masses.

It is our biggest desire to eliminate unemployment to the maximum extent by creating a space where anyone can create income opportunities for themselves and for others, because, to us, every skill matters.

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We understand the challenges one faces when trying to find work or workers, whether they are a small business or an individual. Thus we created GigWing to make it extremely simple for businesses and individuals to provide and seek gigs and to quickly find their right match.

Hard work


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Everyone should have access to work and help.

Accessible pricing, simplicity, and ease of user experience are the cornerstones of our platform.

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We believe that trust is built through responsible actions and honest communication. We not only uphold ourselves to these standards but also expect the same of our users.


More gigs and more help equate to more power.

The more we can foster and circulate help among the communities, the more growth we can create for everyone.

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